mandag 10. mars 2014


Recently i have been embroidering. YAY new crafts!
Have a look at some of the stuff I've been making.

Sorry about the bad quality. My power shot camera is not cooperating with me lately so these were taken with my phone.


I also got some of my prints hung up finally. So you have seen these illustrations before. But now they are on a wall. And you can get your own, unframed, copy for the low, low price og 500 NOK. ;) Contact me if you are interested or if you want something made.

In other news I have been sick lately. This is not fun. Lying on the sofa, curled up, not eating and feeling sorry for yourself really accentuates how much living alone can suck sometimes. Don't get me wrong. I love the freedom it gives me, but dang it, sometimes you just need company.

It's also nearing the end of my contract for my temp job, so I am getting worried again. I have no real reason to be but instability is scary. And I am really going to miss my colleagues at the call center. So if you know of a cool job going somewhere give me a shout? I am not bound by location or anything like that. Mobility is cool! And I kid of feel like it's time to see a new place again. Maybe even a new country. I have been looking in to volunteering in places like the amazon jungle and stuff, and I am getting a bit of an itch to travel again. :) Imagine all the cool location drawing I could do in the Amazon!

onsdag 26. juni 2013


I don't like that hipster shit...

...I'm so happy....

onsdag 1. mai 2013

So yes. NEW YORK in a week or two.
This person is having a show there just the weekend I am there. I still have not got tickets, But I am strongly considering it.  So I giggled at some youtube and drew a picture.

Also. Skyrim AND Tomb Raider is now in my life. This may be bad for creativity....

torsdag 21. februar 2013


ok. Its a tiger. so it doesn't. But it looks like it should.

torsdag 14. februar 2013

Forest adventures

 So. It took a few days more then planned, but here is another illu. I need to work on forests, trees, backgrounds and painting, and also I missed my kids, so I mashed them all together. I still have to work on foliage, I think I need to stylize my trees more. The trunks are ok, but I am not too happy with the crowns. Ah well. I like the rabbits.

Off to work!

søndag 10. februar 2013


So. Life.

It has been putting a stop to my art lately. I am realizing more and more that this job i have at the moment is not ideal for illustration production or any sort of social life, or anything but work really. And as it isn't yielding big monetary rewards either I am having some serious doubts about it. It has actually made me consider going back to school even. Just so that i can focus on making a graphic design portfolio as well as an illustration one. I've realized that in this country there really is a lot more studio work to get as a graphic designer rather then an illustrator. But the long term plan is still to get out of here. Preferably somewhere warmer... And I'm not completely sold on the whole school idea since it IS pretty expensive and I don't want an even bigger student loan. So we will see. I don't want to put it off too long either, as I am really motivated to get career building, and making great art of course.

In other news. We just booked a trip to NEW YORK BABY! It will be my second time over there, and this time I am going with a bunch of friends so it will be more of a real fun times holiday. Last time was also fun, but that was a uni trip, so fun in a different way. If anyone has any good tips for stuff to do in the big apple it would be much appreciated. So far we are planning MOMA and Natural history museum(again), some comic shopping as well as general shopping, visiting that bridge that is a park now and perhaps some amusement park fun. But yes, if anyone has any more arty or less touristy tips for me I would love it.

I'll try to upload some artwork today or tomorrow. Just needs some finishing touches (and I need to recreate some brushes to do that. :().